How Long Will My Root Canal Last?

A root canal or Endodontic Treatment is a procedure performed by a specialist,where diseased and infected pulp is removed from a tooth. A filler and sealer are then put into place on the affected tooth. The case is done to “save” your tooth from being removed and the infection from spreading into the bone.

Now say that you have had and survived this much hated and misconstrued root canal,you are still leftwith one last question: how long will my teeth last?

There is no set answer to the question. The tooth your endodontic fixed could last anywhere from years to decades, and in some instances your lifetime. The amount of time the tooth continues depends on a variety of issues. One of which is how long you go for the endodontic treatment(root canal) and having the permanent filler or crown applied. Of course adding in how quickly you had the original procedure after the problem began. Whether there was the presence of infection in the root that spread to the bone is also aconsideration. As with any medical treatment the earlier treated, the better the results.The complexity or simplicity of the procedure is another thing to consider in this question. There is a reason most root canals are carefully done by Endodontic Associates, not general dentists;these are the specialists who treat failed root canals.

The next consideration in how long a saved tooth will last is the tooth itself. Some teeth are easier to handlethan others,depending on how many canals they have and accessibility. Back teeth require a more complicated procedure, as they are harder to get to and contain two or three roots. While front teeth have easier access and only one source,making for a simpler treatment. Also, although most back teeth require a crown the front ones don’t. That brings us to the importance of placing crowns to help protect against stress,which in turn contributes to the tooth’s longevity. Add the tooth sage into the equation as well. Over time as we age our teeth can become more susceptible to cracking and turn brittle.

The placing of crowns is important because this will help protect against stress that in turn contributes to the length of time the treated tooth lasts. Even with all these considerations there is still no way to pinpoint an exact, clear answer to how long a root canal will last. Just like in every other medical condition many factors are considered in thetreatment, diagnoses,and aftercare. Every person,every case, every tooth is different. One thing is clear though a well done root canal,taken care of afterward will last many years. Many studies have shown that root canals the best,easiest treatment for infected,diseased teeth.Most other options can fail and even cause more problems in the future. But only you and theendodontic can decide which course of treatment is best for you.

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